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​East Sepik Province is made up of six districts:


1. Ambunti - Dreikikir 

Ambunti is located on the river and Dreikikir is in the mountains. This district produces the best vanilla in the world because of their temperate climate in the mountains that provide the right amount of rain and sunlight.

2. Angoram 

Home to the mouth of the mighty Sepik River, giant Sepik prawns and renowned haunting carvings. During the dry season when the river recedes they are able to grow the sweetest watermelons in the province, on the nutrient rich mud that is left behind.


3. Maprik 

Second biggest town in ESP, the economic engine of the province and is the center of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and alluvial gold trade.

There’s also an interesting phenomenon in Maprik Town where the eagles are comfortable swooping down and snatching food straight out of people’s hands.

4. Wewak 

Is both the main Town and a District with the only International highway in PNG beginning in Wewak and ending in Jayapura Indonesia. Wewak is where the Japanese Imperial Army surrendered to the allies in WWII in this part of the world and has some of the best beaches in PNG right in its Township area. Wewak District also covers ten inhabited islands and an estimated 50 uninhabited islands. On one of the islands we have hot springs and boiling mud and the whole district is a treasure trove of WWII relics on land and in sea.

​​5. Wosera - Gawi 

Wosera is on the Sepik plains and Gawi is on the river where they also make the famous sepik carvings. Wosera is well-known for the woven string bag (bilas bilum bilong Wosera) that is sought after as a collector’s item. Wosera is also home to the Sepik Plains; the largest amount of arable land in the country.


6. Yangoru - Saussia 

Yangoru is culturally different to Saussia but both are located on the ridges of the Prince Alexander Ranges. 



  • ​​East Sepik Province is the second largest province in the Papua New Guinea, 43'426km2 and is larger than: New Caledonia | Fiji | Vanuatu |Tonga | Samoa |Kiribati | Guam | Monaco | Singapore |Luxembourg | Brunei | Lebanon |Jamaica | Qatar | Denmark | Switzerland | Netherlands and many more countries. 

  • East Sepik Province has an estimated 90 languages, most of the languages are found along the Sepik River.

  • The Sepik River is the longest and largest river in the country producing the largest fresh water prawns in PNG.

  • ​Most of the ESP artifact's come from the River people, they are highly considered collectibles and can be found in museums around world, Australia, Singapore, America and all over Europe.

  • ESP is surrounded on one side by the Prince Alexander Ranges and the Highlands mountains on the other, protecting most of the districts from ever experiencing drought.

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